What are our Services

Rhilon Media is a ecommerce specialists marketing agency. We know ecommerce and we want to help you grow your business.

Website Design

We specialize in website design for e-commerce businesses. Our main goal is to create user friendly, search optimized websites.

Social Media Management

We help businesses market their products and services online. Our speciality is content distribution, helping our clients keep up with the latest trends in their industry

Offline to online Marketing

We believe in face to face marketing to drive sales online. We use promotional campaigns in retail shops and key locations. We also supplement with online marketing.

About the company

We are a Marketing Agency that specializes in website design, Social media management and offline to online marketing campaigns for e-commerce Businesses.

We analysed your Brand consistency and Presence online, then proceed to create your website and social media presence based on your brand message and colours. We create a blog orientated website for better SEO. 

Our team of young and knowlegable entrepreneurs will help your get to your financial goal with your e-commerce shop
Sihlesenkosi Majola

Sihlesenkosi Majola

Managing Director

With over 3 years of experience building an e-commerce startup. After finishing Law, I started my first business in 2014. In 2015 I co-founded 2 startups, Picadoo.co.za and Wezart.co.za.

Sakhiwo Maluleka

Sakhiwo Maluleka

Chief Operations Officer

Has 4 years experience in on the ground marketing. He works as the KZN manager for marketing. Organizing promoters to different locations and promoting product in retail shops

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